IGI Carbon Dioxide Pesticide Available Soon
(Pending EPA Registration and Organic Certification)

The ELIMINATOR® may be used for Anhydrous Ammonia, Urea, and
any other gaseous and liquid soil amendments, including Carbon

The ELIMINATOR® may be used on any size property.

The ELIMINATOR® used as the application device, eradicates burrowing
pests without the use of poisons, toxic gases, biologicals, or chemicals.

The ELIMINATOR® utilizes a non-toxic inert gas to suffocate the
rodents, making it safe to use around schools, children, pets, livestock
and wildlife.

The ELIMINATOR® (using IGI CO₂, pending EPA approval) does not
cause any damage to landscaping or ground areas and there is no offensive
noise associated with its use.

IGI Carbon Dioxide used with The Eliminator® is the ONLY IPM compliant
product for the control of burrowing rodents. (EPA Registration and
Organic Approval Pending)

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The ELIMINATOR® may be used on any size property from small residential yards to farms, levees, municipal areas or any other large acreage needing to eradicate these rodents without the use of biologicals, chemicals or toxic gases.

 These products are available to homeowners, vineyards, orchards, golf courses, landscape contractors and maintenance companies, ranchers and farmers.