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The Eliminator
The Eliminator®  by IGI
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  • SAFE
    The ELIMINATOR® utilizes a non-toxic inert gas to suffocate the rodents, making it safe to use around schools, children, pets, livestock & wildlife.
    The ELIMINATOR® effectively eliminates ground squirrels, gophers, moles, voles & other burrowing pests without poisons, toxic gases, biologicals or chemicals.
    The ELIMINATOR® is the world's only patent pending CO2 injection method and product for burrowing rodent eradication.
The Eliminator in use

The ELIMINATOR® may be used on any size property from small residential yards to farms, levees, municipal areas or any other large acreage needing to eradicate these rodents without the use of biologicals, chemicals or toxic gases.

 These products are available to homeowners, vineyards, orchards, golf courses, landscape contractors and maintenance companies, ranchers and farmers. Any property owner/manager who wants to protect their property from damage caused by gophers, ground squirrels, moles and voles can use our products.

Because our equipment utilizes an inert gas to suffocate the rodents, it is safe to use around schools, children, pets, livestock and wildlife.

The ELIMINATOR® in the news:
San Jose Working to Address
Squirrel Problem at La Colina Park
San Jose La Colina Park using The Eliminator

City of San Jose’s Official Statement:

  Thank you for the opportunity to make a statement regarding the citizen inquiry. Below is the City of San Jose's official statement:

  The San Jose Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services Department has received numerous questions from the public regarding ground squirrels at La Colina Park in San Jose. A growing population of squirrels at the park has contributed to significant erosion and damage to park infrastructure that was creating unsafe conditions for park visitors.
  In an attempt to manage the ground squirrel population and reduce damage to the park, the City of San Jose has used a method that humanely reduces the number of squirrels without presenting hazards to people or other wildlife. Our goal is achieving an appropriate balance that ensures safe park conditions for our guests with a natural environment for wildlife. ​​

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