Inert Gas Injection

An Effective Solution for the Control of Burrowing Rodents


EPA approved IGI CO2 for fumigation of burrowing rodents and fumigation of post-production crops


The Eliminator by IGI is easy to obtain, assemble and operate


Approved for use in municipal, commercial, residential and agricultural settings for burrowing rodent control and fumigation

IGI Eliminator

IGI specializes in using simple, but elegant solutions for the control of various pests without the use of toxic gases or toxic chemicals that kill predators, raptors, endangered species and endanger the environment, pets, wildlife, and children.

Our proprietary IGI CO2 technology and delivery systems provide a patented, biologically and efficient solution that allows us to eliminate targeted species with no residual chemical or other biologically active substances that may harm children, pets, wildlife or the aquifer.

IGI CO2 used as a pesticide, is revolutionary and different from all other chemical agents for pest control because it functions only when released in a confined space. Only then do the effects of this naturally occurring, and organic gas, become active. IGI CO2 immediately induces an amnestic effect and pests confined within this space succumb to a lack of breathable air, resulting in the suffocation of the pest. There is no contamination of the soil or other spaces due to lasting chemical and toxic agents. As a result, IGI CO2 used with the line of IGI, LLC delivery devices for various pests meets IPM (Integrated Pest Management) protocols which are required by a large number of municipalities and commercial departments, and has been endorsed by those agencies as such.

Where Can I Use IGI CO2?


How many injections can I get from a 20# cylinder?

It depends on what species of rodent you are attempting to control. Typically, the larger the rodent the larger the burrow and the greater the IGI CO2 gas consumption. Please refer to the Label Booklet for volume and duration time for proper injection. If you do not have a label booklet please go online and refer to


What is the probe used for?

The probe that comes with the Eliminator system is used to locate the burrow systems of several different rodents. The probe is most commonly used for locating the lateral tunnels and burrowing system of the pocket gopher. Use the probe to find the lateral tunnels and then when one is found put the Eliminator into the hole made by the probe and inject the IGI CO2 into the burrow systems as described in the Label Booklet.


Can I use the Eliminator and the IGI CO2 gas near a building?

Yes, you can use the Eliminator and the IGI CO2 up to the wall of a building.


Is there any difference between IGI CO2 and the CO2 I use for welding?

Yes, the IGI CO2 is formulated differently and is different from all other CO2’s. This is due to the potency of the IGI CO2 and the fact that it comes from an EPA registered fill plant. All other CO2 cylinders are illegal to use as a pesticide and are subject to fines and censure by the EPA. Applicators that are caught using illegal pesticides also risk loss of their pesticide applicator license.


Where can I purchase the Eliminator system and the IGI CO2?

You may purchase both the Eliminator system and the IGI CO2 pesticidal gas from an IGI Distributor. To assist you in finding a registered Distributor please refer to the IGI website.


Still Have Questions?

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