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How to use the Eliminator

EPA Approves Pesticidal IGI Carbon Dioxide, for Fumigation of all Commodities

Storage, Transport, Containment, Structure, Pest Control, and IGI CO2 for Burrow Rodents.

IGI Eliminator® for burrowing rodents (pocket gophers, ground squirrels, voles and moles) began after years of working within the burrowing rodent eradication market sector utilizing various approaches and products for that purpose. From chemical baits to oxygen/propane detonation devices, all were tried and while some were better than others in eradicating these rodents, all of these products had their potentially dangerous and/or toxic side effects. Baits are dangerous for pets, children, and predators because they are irreversibly poisonous. Endangered species are often killed with the use of the rodenticides used to control these creatures as well as other predators.

Utilizing an inert gas to eliminate burrowing pests, without the dangers and pitfalls of other available methods, has proven to be the answer. IGI CO₂ by its very nature is heavier than air and as such sinks into the soil. Because it is heavier than air, it penetrates deep into the soil with little danger of seeping out. Plus, it helps root structures to produce healthier plants. The Eliminator® may be used in any sensitive location because it makes no noise, it does not utilize any noxious gases or poisonous chemicals of any kind and has been approved by the EPA for pesticidal use.

IGI CO2 can be used for the control of a long list of specific pests and is intended for the fumigation of commodity storage, transport, and containment structures.  The product has received final EPA pesticidal approval for these applications nationally.

IGI CO2 used as a pesticide is revolutionary and different from all other chemical agents for pest control because it functions only when released in a confined space.  Only then do the effects of this naturally occurring, and organic gas, become active.  CO2 immediately induces an anesthetic effect and pests confined within this space succumb to a lack of breathable air, resulting in the suffocation of the pest.  There is no contamination of the soil or other spaces due to lasting chemical and toxic agents.  As a result, IGI CO2 used with the line of IGI, LLC delivery devices for various pests meets IPM (Integrated Pest Management) protocols which are required by a large number of municipalities and commercial departments and has been endorsed by those agencies as such.